Automotive Industry

~Automotive ERP


Sphinax Auromotive ERP Software consist of all the management information regarding all the operation that are happened in big organization. We helps you to manage all the departments in the organization in a single place. Those departments may be Finance,account,manufacturing,sales etc.

"Enterprise Resource Planning frameworks can clearly help accomplish this objective and rethink significantly one’s organisational progress"

Automotive ERP Benefits

It also helps you to maintain the all records of organization’s employees, which includes attendance, salary details etc.

In metal manufacturing industries there are various departments, so to handle the information about various department manually by single person is to difficult.

Our ERP software package helps you to automate this activity in a couple of hours. In metal industries there are N-numbers of product that are outsourced or purchase.

Automotive ERP software have a functionality that manage all the products purchase and sales record which is difficult for the single person. So Automotive ERP software have control on entire organization.

• Simpler Processes
• Easy Maintenance
• Scalable Solution
• Informed Decisions
• Quicker Deployment

Automotive Industry Modules:

• Automotive maintenance
• Electronic document database
• Finance management system
• Human resource management
• Integration with communication channels
• Inventory management
• Order management system
• Service management
• Sales management

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